Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council is notified of any complaint lodged against a physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist by the Syndic or Assistant Syndic for a violation of the Professional Code, Code of Ethics, or the regulations governing the profession. On occasion, individuals requesting an inquiry will file complaints directly with the Disciplinary Council.

The Council consists of three members: the president (a lawyer appointed by the government) and two other members who are either physiotherapists or physical rehabilitation therapists.

The Council secretary prepares and maintains Disciplinary Council case files. The secretary keeps the hearing schedules and makes sure it is posted at least ten days before the hearing dates.

At hearings the Disciplinary Council hears both parties (i.e., the Syndic and the member, and witnesses for each side when required) and then hands down its decision.

If the member is found guilty, the Disciplinary Council holds another hearing to determine the penalty. Once again the Council will hear both parties.

The Disciplinary Council may impose one or more of the following penalties:

  • Reprimand
  • Temporary or permanent removal from the membership roll
  • Fine of at least $1,000 but not more than $12,500 per violation
  • Limitation or suspension of the member’s right to exercise his or her professional activities
  • Revocation of license