To practice physiotherapy in Québec as a physiotherapist or physiotherapy technologist, you must obtain a license and become a registered member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ).

An OPPQ license certifies that you meet the basic requirements to practice physiotherapy. You must also become a registered member before you are permitted to practice your profession. To register, you must pay the annual membership fee.

The process varies depending on your situation

The OPPQ admissions process varies depending on:

  • Where and when you obtained your physiotherapy degree or diploma
  • Whether you already hold a regular license to practice in a Canadian province or territory

Candidates from Quebec or Canada

International candidates

Candidates resuming their practice

Becoming an OPPQ member: a condition for practicing physiotherapy in Quebec

All Quebec professionals are governed by a professional order. The professional system brings together nearly 400,000 members in 46 orders, 26 of which are in health-related fields.

Protecting the public is the number one priority that underpins all actions taken by professional orders. This ensures that the Quebec public has access to top-quality services that are safe and provided by members with proven skill and integrity.

The Quebec Professional Code prohibits any non-member of OPPQ from using the designation “physiotherapist” or “physiotherapy technologist” and from performing any act reserved for OPPQ members. To legally practice you must hold a license and be a registered OPPQ member.

OPPQ’s mission is to protect the public and the quality of professional services provided by physiotherapists and physiotherapy technologists. OPPQ membership comes with benefits as well as responsibilities.


  • Provide the highest quality services to meet the public’s needs while complying with existing laws and regulations, including the Code of Ethics for OPPQ members.
  • Keep your skills current throughout your career.
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  • Use of the professional designation “physiotherapist” or “physiotherapy technologist” as well as your designation’s abbreviation and initials (for example: PT, Phys. T.).
  • Perform any of the acts reserved for OPPQ members based on the member’s license category.
  • Engage in a non-reserved professional act for which a professional designation is required. Various government programs, laws, and regulations stipulate such requirements.
  • Gain access to professional development activities reserved for OPPQ members. These activities are designed to meet their specific needs.
  • Access to services offered by our partners (liability insurance program, etc.).
  • Access to honorary awards, scholarships, and research grants that recognize professional excellence.
  • Help the profession grow, including participating in OPPQ projects and committees.
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