OPPQ monitors physiotherapy professionals to protect your rights. Everyone who consults a physiotherapy professional is entitled to receive quality treatment from competent a professional.

Clear and Transparent Information

Your physiotherapy professional must provide you with understandable information so you can make free and informed decisions about your treatment. Physiotherapy professionals must:

  • Explain your assessment and the treatment they are considering
  • Establish achievable treatment goals that are appropriate for your condition
  • Obtain your free and informed consent

If you don’t understand the information or are concerned about a treatment, feel free to ask your physiotherapy professional about it.

What you need to know

Treatment costs, administrative fees, and other expenses

Regardless of where your physiotherapist’s practice is located, they must tell you the cost of the professional services before treating you. You must be informed of any fees for cancelling, rescheduling, or failing to keep an appointment.

If you would like a copy of your records, the physiotherapy professional must inform you of any related fees before proceeding with the request. Fees must reflect the cost of copying and sending the records. Please note that fees may vary depending on the size of your file.

If you believe the amount requested is unreasonable, you can always send an email or letter to the Office of the Syndic.

Respect for your interests and you as a person

Physiotherapy professionals must always respect their patients’ interests. They must respect your values and culture at all times while creating an atmosphere that fosters mutual trust.


OPPQ has zero tolerance for inappropriate gestures and abusive remarks!

You can file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council against any member who abuses a patient’s trust by engaging in sexual intercourse or making inappropriate gestures or abusive sexual remarks.