In Quebec, every profession has a defined field of practice that describes the main activities of the practice in detail. Only OPPQ members are allowed to perform certain professional activities.

Anyone without a licence who carries out an activity only OPPQ members are authorized to perform is considered to be doing so illegally.

Reserved Activities

  • assessing neuromusculoskeletal function in a person having a physical function limitation or disability; [File A]
  • making a functional assessment of a person where required under an act; [File B]
  • introducing an instrument or a finger in the human body beyond the labia majora or anal margin; [File C]
  • introducing an instrument in the human body in and beyond the pharynx or the nasal vestibule; [File D]
  • using invasive forms of energy; [File E]
  • providing treatment for wounds; [File F]
  • making decisions as to the use of restraint measures; [File G]
  • inserting needles under the dermis to reduce inflammation, as a supplemental means, provided a training certificate has been issued to the member by the order pursuant to a regulation under paragraphy o) of section 94; [File H]
  • performing spinal and joint manipulations provided a training certificate has been issued to the member by the oppq pursuant to a regulation under paragraph o) of section 94. [File I]

Unauthorized use of title

Only OPPQ members may use the titles of physiotherapist, physiotherapy technologist, and other titles reserved for these professions. Anyone who uses one of these titles who is not an OPPQ member may be convicted of unauthorized use of title.

Here is a list of the titles and abbreviations reserved for Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) members:


Professional titles in french

physiothérapeute, thérapeute en réadaptation physique, thérapeute en physiothérapie, technicien en réadaptation physique, technicienne en réadaptation physique, technicien en physiothérapie, technicienne en physiothérapie, technologue en physiothérapie

Professional titles in english

Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, Physical Rehabilitation Therapist, Physiotherapy Therapist, Physical Rehabilitation Technician or Physiotherapy Technician, Physiotherapy Technologist


French abbreviations

pht, T.R.P., T. phys.

English abbreviations

P.T., P.R.T., Phys. T.

What to do if you suspect someone is practicing physiotherapy illegally or using a title without authorization

If you think someone might be practicing physiotherapy illegally or using a title without authorization, we recommend you:

Did you know?

There are steep fines for practicing physiotherapy illegally and using titles without authorization!

Practicing physiotherapy illegally and using titles without authorization are severely reprimanded. Failure to comply with regulations may result in criminal prosecution and fines ranging from $2,500 to $62,500 per charge. These fines may be double in the case of repeat offenders.