Resuming practive

Re-Registering as a member after more than three years

This section applies to you if:

  • You would like to register more than three years after the date on which you were eligible for a license from OPPQ
  • It has been more than three years since you were listed on the membership roll
  • You would like to resume practicing the profession and have not practiced in more than three years, despite being listed on the membership roll

You must provide the following documents:

  • A cover letter stating your intent and motivation
  • An updated résumé
  • A copy of a license to practice the profession from outside Quebec, if any
  • A letter of good standing from the regulatory authority that issued the license to practice, if any
  • A certified copy of all relevant degrees or diplomas
  • Attestation of relevant work, if any
  • Attestation of all skills maintenance activities completed during this period
  • File review fee ($402.41 including tax)

The complete file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee as per the Regulation (in French).

After the file has been reviewed, the Admissions Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee (EC). When they deem it necessary for the public’s protection, the EC will require a candidate to successfully complete an internship or upgrade course at their own cost in order to re-enter the profession.

For more information, consult the re-registration guide (in French).