Mot du président

DENIS PELLETIER, Physiotherapist, M. Sc.
Graduate in sports physiotherapy

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A clinician for 22 years now, Denis Pelletier has the advantage of being skilled in both physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation therapy. He also taught future physiotherapy professionals for several years and was a trainer for the Order for nearly 10 years. In addition to his professional practice, his contribution to clinical research projects testifies to his commitment to promoting physiotherapy.

Having served as an OPPQ board member for six years, including two as vice chair, as well as on the Order’s admission and training committees, Mr. Pelletier has a thorough understanding of how the Order operates.


Dear Members:

Thank you, most sincerely, for the trust that you placed in me by electing me President of the Ordre professionnel de la physiotherapy du Québec (OPPQ). It is very motivating to know that you gave me 67.7% of your votes.

I also want to acknowledge the important role played by André Caron and Gilbert Chartier, who defended their positions so vigorously throughout the campaign. Our cordial exchanges during the race have positioned us well as partners going forward.

The five-month campaign that preceded my taking office on May 30th meet a large number of physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists (TRP). It was a rewarding exercise—one that helped to deepen my understanding of our members’ day-to-day activities as well as help define the nine actions points that were the key elements of my presidential bid.

Now it’s time to act, and to do that, I am pleased that I can count on strong allies. First, there is the Board of Directors, a diversified group of 24 highly experienced individuals.
Then the efficient and methodical team of OPPQ employees who ensure the smooth running of our organization’s activities and effectively carry forth the many projects entrusted to them. And finally, the broad base of members who provide the expertise that enables us to fulfill our dual mission of protecting the public and enhancing professional development.

I look forward to working with all of you as we move forward from words to action.

Have a wonderful summer.



Denis Pelletier, pht., M. Sc.