Mot du président

DENIS PELLETIER, physiothérapeute,M. Sc.
Diplômé en physiothérapie sportive


Dear Members :

L’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) has begun major work on something that directly affects our profession: recordkeeping. The importance of keeping quality records is evident. It’s a way of relaying and coordinating choices so that the various professionals involved in caring for a patient can communicate with each other.

However, it’s clear that our clinicians’ time is better spent caring for patients. The professional care we offer our diverse clientele is the best way for our profession to make itself known. Taking excessive file notes is not the way our patients recognize our added value.

That’s why OPPQ has worked to make recordkeeping simpler and less time consuming. We aren’t looking to minimize the importance of effective recordkeeping, but we don’t want patient recordkeeping to be simply a writing exercise done solely to satisfy professional inspections.

And in the hopes of improving the overall situation, OPPQ is currently working to change the professional inspection procedure as well.

To better understand the important changes we’ve made to recordkeeping, I strongly encourage you to read the article from the professional inspection department about it in this issue of Physio- Québec. You will also notice that we have created several tools to help you familiarize yourself with the new approach. Try them out and you will see how much the recordkeeping procedure has been simplified!

OPPQ Student Status

I would also like to use this occasion to welcome a new group to OPPQ: students. Since last November, their student status has allowed them to take their first steps towards the professional world. This new status is a great asset for our Order and will help us promote physiotherapy as a profession. We are pleased to welcome this new generation—they are the future of our professions.

As we near the end of this year, I would like to thank all our physiotherapy professionals for the work they carry out each day and their deep commitment to providing the public with the highest quality health care. I wish you an excellent 2016.



Denis Pelletier, pht., M. Sc.

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