Role and mission


To protect the public, ensure the quality of professional services provided by physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists, and foster the development of the professions.


OPPQ is a modern and effective organization that maintains high standards of quality in the training and practice of physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists in Quebec. It raises the profile of physiotherapy by facilitating public access to health care, promoting the full use of all its areas of practice, and playing a key role in discussions about healthcare in Quebec.


  • Fostering our members’ strong commitment to maintaining and improving the physical independence of the Quebecers and listening to their needs
  • Protecting the public with every decision we make and every action we take
  • Recognizing the importance of the contributions our members make to public health promoting our profession and our order
  • Fostering mutual respect both between our members themselves and between members and OPPQ’s policy making bodies
  • Handling queries from both the public and members in a fair and expeditious manner
  • Striving to be clear, simple, and truthful in all communications