Our team

To contact the OPPQ team, call 514-351-2770 or 1-800-361-2001

Office of the President

President of OPPQ (details)

Chair of the Board of Directors (details)

Chair of the Executive Committee (details)

Denis Pelletier, pht, M. Sc., dpelletier@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 227

Office of the Secretary and the General Manager

Secretary and general manager of OPPQ (details)

Information access officer (details)

Claude Laurent, Notary, Adm.A., claurent@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 236

Assistant to the president and the general manager

Caroline Forant, cforant@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 226

Assistant to the general secretary

Sophie Dumont, sdumont@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 254



Deputy registrar for admissions

Uriel Pierre, pht, MSc, upierre@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 245

Admissions assistant

Julie Desrosiers, jdesrosiers@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 243

Department of Legal Services

Director of Legal Services
Secretary of the Disciplinary Council
Illegal Practice Manager

Marie-France Salvas, Lawyer, msalvas@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 246

Assistant Secretary of the Disciplinary Council

Daphné Thériault, Lawyer,  dtheriault@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 250

Legal Services assistant

Julie Dubuc, jdubuc@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 239



Syndic (details)

Louise Gauthier, pht, LL.M., lgauthier@oppq.qc.ca – ext., 228

Assistant Syndic

Judith Brillant, T.R.P., B. Sc., jbrillant@oppq.qc.ca – Poste 249

Assistant Syndic

Diane Breton, pht, dbreton@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 222

Assistant Syndic 

Régis Paillé, P.R.T., rpaille@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 249

Assistant to the Office of the Syndic

Lise Tremblay, ltremblay@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 251

Corresponding syndic

Jean-Philippe Boivin, pht, jpboivin@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 429


Department of Professional Development and Quality Assurance

Director of professional Development and Quality Assurance

Sandy Sadler, pht, M.G.P., PMP, ssadler@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 244

Project manager and Inspector

Mélanie Benoit, P.R.T., CAT (c), mbenoit@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 230

Project manager

Marjolaine Lajoie, pht, mlajoie@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 242

Project manager

Bruno Trudel, M. Sc., pht, MBAbtrudel@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 266

Inspector and project manager

Geneviève Angers, P.R.T., gangers@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 229

Inspector and professional inspection case manager
Secretary of professional inspection committee

Justine Couturier-Des-Rochers, P.R.T., jcouturier@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 234


Yolanda Baggio, pht, ybaggio@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 233


Marie-Josée Gagnon, pht, mjgagnon@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 421


Isabelle Lapierre, pht, ilapierre@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 264

Assistant director of professional Development and Quality Assurance

Sylvie Bérard, sberard@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 238

Assistant director of professional Development and Quality Assurance

Rosane Bigras, rbigras@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 235

Assistant director of professional Development and Quality Assurance

Karine Ethier, kethier@oppq.qc.ca – ext 225

Department of Communications

Director of Communications

Emmanuelle Giraud, egiraud@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 247

Communications officer

Marie-Claude Clermont, mcclermont@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 223

Communications officer

Marine Pannier, mpannier@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 232

Department of Administrative Services

Director of administrative services (details)

Dominique Serre, B.A.A, dserre@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 224

Administrative assistant

Lyne L’Archevêque, llarch@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 231


Helene Brosseau, hbrosseau@oppq.qc.ca – ext. 221