The oppq review commitee

As part of an inquiry conducted by the Office of the Syndic, requesters who are not satisfied with the outcome have 30 days to request an opinion from the OPPQ Review Committee.

The Review Committee studies the entire file and, if deemed necessary, grants a hearing to the requester and Syndic.

The Committee may reach one of three conclusions:

  • It may conclude there is no reason to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Board.
  • It may suggest the Syndic supplement its inquiry and then announce a new decision as to whether a complaint should be filed.
  • It may concludes there is cause to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council and suggests an ad hoc syndic be appointed, who, after conducting an inquiry, will make a decision as to whether or not to file a complaint.

The Review Committee can also suggest that the Syndic refer the file to the Professional Inspection Committee.

Within 90 days of receipt of the request for an opinion, the Committee must inform the requester of its decision in writing. If the requester is dissatisfied with the Review Committee’s decision, he/she can file a private complaint directly with the Disciplinary Council.