Decisions and judgements

Disciplinary decisions

The Disciplinary Council is notified of any complaint lodged against a physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist for a violation of the provisions of the Professional Code, the Regulation respecting the categories of permits issued by OPPQ, or the regulations governing OPPQ. Various sanctions can be imposed if the Council finds the member guilty of a violation.

canliiDisciplinary decisions issued by the Council since 2003 are available on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website 


Criminal judgments – Illegal practices

The Court of Quebec has the power to impose penalties on those found guilty of unauthorized use of the titles “physiotherapist” and “physical rehabilitation therapist” or unlawfully performing activities reserved for OPPQ members.

Decisions – Professional inspections and other reviews

Further to a recommendation by the Professional Inspection Committee, the OPPQ Board of Directors (the Board) may decide to require a member take a professional development course or refresher training. It may also limit or suspend a member’s professional practice when deemed necessary for the protection of the public. Decisions on limiting or suspending a member’s right to practice are covered in this section.

Decision index– Professional inspections and other reviews (in French)

M. Constant OuelletJune 1st, 2001
M. Mohsen Amouzegar 10 October, 2014
M. Raymond Tohmé20 February, 2015
Mme Lucie Tétreault14 October, 2016
M. Stéphane Trudeau25 November, 2016
M. Mohsen Amouzegar17 March, 2017