Protecting the public

As stipulated in the Professional Code, R.S.Q., c C-26, OPPQ’s mandate is to protect members of the public who enlist the services of a physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist.

OPPQ is required to ensure that all of its members comply with the regulations in force that govern their practice. To that end, OPPQ must monitor and supervise the professional practice of its members by the following means at its disposal:

  • The Professional Inspection Committee is responsible for assessing the professional practice of a physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist. If warranted, the committee can conduct an inquiry into a member’s competence.
  • The Syndic’s job is to investigate offenses against the Code of Ethics or the regulations that physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists must comply with in performing their duties.

Patient rights

Physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists must respect your privacy and integrity. You can therefore decline treatment in part or in full. You must always feel free to consult with another physiotherapy or healthcare professional. You can also consult your file and obtain a copy for a reasonable fee. Depending on the location, certain conditions may apply.

Information provided to patients

When you enlist the services of private sector physiotherapists or physical rehabilitation therapists, they must inform you of the costs of the treatments they will provide and any penalties that may apply in the event you don’t show up for an appointment. They must provide you with detailed explanations of their assessment methods and any treatments they will administer. Prior to any intervention, they must obtain your free and informed consent and talk to you to establish achievable goals based on your condition.

Professional conduct

There is a conflict of interest when physiotherapy professionals place their interests ahead of yours or when their judgment and trustworthiness regarding you becomes compromised. They must respect your values and culture, establish an atmosphere of trust between therapist and patient, and maintain their professional independence.